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Cannabis Toker Road Trip

November 20, 2015

The road trip is a tradition that goes back to the days of the earliest cars; maybe even the days of the horse and buggy, although I’m sure they didn’t call it a road trip then – it was just a trip.

A road trip is something you do when you want to travel to a faraway place but have neither the funds nor the time constraints to take a plane or train. You hop into a car, preferably with your friends, and go. It’s the basis of the plot for several movies, including the aptly named Road Trip.

Let’s say you’re traveling from Seattle, Washington to Portland, Oregon to attend a concert. What’s in your toker road kit? Do you need a lighter? Maybe you’d like a glass pipe? What about papers? How about a grinder?

Much depends on what your preference is at home. The best thing to do is scale things down from home for the road. Make a list of exactly what you are going to need. Take into account the amount of time the trip is going to take. What kind of vehicle will you be in? Will you need a rolling tray?

You also have to consider what kind of container you will need. Obviously a longer trip will need a bigger container. Would you use one large container or several smaller containers?

The bottom line is, a good road trip requires planning. Not only do you have to plan the route and the stops, but you have to plan on packing up and taking whatever you will need for the duration of the trip. At a certain point it will no longer be feasible to go back home to retrieve something important that you forgot.

Get your road trip toker kit right the first time.

– Joe Klare

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